First 3 Maratha emperor’s Family details

Ch. Shivaji Maharaj, the first emperor who founded Maratha empire in western ghats of today’s India. Around 350 years later, today, his bravery still summoning historians to study every available link to his era and learn different aspects of his personality/life. I tried to penn down his family details here with some good references.

Wife ChildrenNamesDetails
Saibai Nibalkar
Marriage date 17-4-1640. Died on 5-9-1659
2nd Maratha king (Chhatrapati)
DoB : 14-5-1657
Birthplace : Fort Purandar
DaughterSakwaar aka Sakhubai
weds to Mahadaji Nimbalkar
weds to Jadhav
weds to Harjiraje Mahadik Taralekar
Soyrabai Mohite
Married in 1650. Died in 1681

3rd Maratha king (Chhatrapati)
DoB : 24-2-1670
Birthplace : Fort Rajgad
DaughterBalabai aka Dipabai
weds to Visajirao
Sakwarbai Gaikwad
Married in 10-1-1657
weds to Janoji Palkar
Sagunabai Shirke
Married in Jan 1641
DaughterNanibai aka Rajkuwar
weds to Ganoji Shirke Malekar
Kashibai Jadhavrao
Married on 8-4-1657
Gunvantabai Ingale
Married on 15-4-1657
Putalabai Mohite
Married in 1653
Laxmibai Vichare
Married before 1656


Ch. Sambhaji Maharaj, second emperor of Maratha empire and elder son of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj. He was painted angry young man in public till the genuine old references became available to students. Now his warrior image is facing out with new study, wiping out his old wrong image. Here are some details of his family.

Wife ChildrenNamesDetails
Jiubai aka Yesubai
She was sister of Ganoji Shirke (son-in-law of 1st Maratha emperor)
DoB 28-1-1679
Birthplace Shrungarpur (near sangameshwar)
DoB 17-5-1682
Birthplace Gangavali (near Mangaon, Dist. Raigad)
Not Available


Ch. Rajaram Maharaj, third emperor of Maratha empire and younger brother of Sambhaji Maharaj. Considerably lower amount students research about his history compare to above two. He led the empire in siege of Aurangzeb, which was very tough situation. Here are some details of his family.

Wife ChildrenNamesDetails
Daughter of Prataprao Gujar (3rd Commander in chief of Maratha Army)
Soyarabai aka Savitribaiweds to Bajaji Nimbalkar 2nd
Daughter of Habirrao Mohite (4th Commander in chief of Maratha Army)
DoB 9-6-1696
Birthplace Jinji
Daughter of Kagalkar Ghatage

DoB 23-5-1698
Birthplace Panhala
Ambikabai aka AhilyabaiDaughterNA
Daughter died in early age


Note: Inform us any correction/addition with genuine references.

References used:

  • Marathi Riyasat by G.S.Sardesai
  • Jedhe Shakavali
  • Jedhe Karina
  • Shakkarte Shivray by Vijay Deshmukh

© श्रीकांत लव्हटे

Shrikant Lavhate

Author is an amateur trekker, photographer and poet. He started his trekking back in 2009 and since then exploring the history of Marathas in ruins of Forts and all available chronicles.

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  1. here is spelling correction in birth place of BHAVANIBAI at shrugarpur ( sangamner)
    not sangamner but it is SANGMESHWAR..

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