गड कोट किल्ले.. पहावे ते सह्याद्रीचे
आचरणात आणु पहावे… ते कर्म थोर शिवरायांचे….


I wrote these lines when I started learning the magic of words  “Ch. Shivaji Maharaj” & “Sahyadri”. Since that day, I never found a day when I didn’t get any new info about it. The learning continues…..


Fort Prachandgad (aka Torana) was the milestone of this journey. Due to heavy rain I hardly remember if I had seen anything in the trek but that glimpse of Sahyadri marked a place in my heart. And the voyage followed with this mountain range in loads of treks.


Then somewhere ruins of the forts centered me at history. Yes, golden era of Maharashtra history..The rule of Maratha empire…! Trekking carried me to the study of history. Reading books, searching references, visiting places… never ending loop !!


While riding this loop in Sept-2010 my trek blog penned down: I am too lazy to update it though 🙂 and still after 3 year I made a move to launch 😀


I wish I continue travel around Sahyadri and achieve new heights  with each trek. Not in term of altitude but in life, in human values.


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Shrikant Lavhate