Sahyadri !! One word to rule them all !!

For the world its just the mountain range residing in south of India. But for the Maharashtra, this word is much more than just mere mountain range. It means a life to people here. Its a house of many strongholds where our ancestors shed their blood for the freedom. Its the place where history of Marathas born, nourished and conquered!! Sahyadri was carved and ornamented with number of jewels of forts mainly in the time of 17th century era. Era of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!!

Gadkot project is dedicated to history and geography of forts and their surroundings. I used to write blog about forts but always wanted a permanent place for it. And here it is Gadkot.in !! I started trekking in Sahyadri back in 2007 and since then been to various forts, places on this range.

This project is an effort to penn down info, experiences I have all these years in the shadow of history. I wish my dedicating towards gadkot.in would never lessen and I maintain it to the best.

Suggestions / feedback welcomed. Do write us at shrikant.lavhate@gadkot.in

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